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All my life’s a circle; Sunrise and sundown; The moon rolls thru the nighttime; Till the daybreak comes around. All my life’s a circle; But I can’t tell you why; The Season’s spinning round again; The years keep rollin’ by. … Continue reading

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Celebrating home

My absence from the rooftop has been filled with all of the meetings and tasks of starting in a new job and schedule, as well as a road trip to Michigan to be with family.  The weeks have been filled … Continue reading

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Easy Cleaning

I’ve had conversations with two friends recently about cleaning house – the amount of time it takes, how to fit it in a very busy schedule, and that feeling that we’re never quite on top of it.  So today, I’m … Continue reading

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When it comes to my love for fruit – my favorite is always the one that is currently in season, local and fresh, if possible. So, although I have strawberries and cherries in the fridge, this week it’s all about … Continue reading

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Why Hire a Life Coach?

Why hire a life coach? The short answer – to make a change. Much like the stagecoach from days past that transported people to their destination, a life coach helps you get from where you are to where you want … Continue reading

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Beginnings . . .

Beginnings.  Something new.  A start. A new blog.  Actually, my first.  So there is more than a bit of anxiety and jitters.  However, as I’ve discovered with most “new” things, this is actually just the next step, continuing what has … Continue reading

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