Celebrating home

My absence from the rooftop has been filled with all of the meetings and tasks of starting in a new job and schedule, as well as a road trip to Michigan to be with family.  The weeks have been filled with the excitement of looking to the future and the sweetness of remembering the past.

My brother and I with Mom.

While in Michigan we celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday with a surprise open house for her, attended by many relatives and long-time friends.   The first guest to arrive was a woman who has been friends with Mom since they were in 3rd grade!  They’ve shared so much life together – growing up, marriage, children, grand-children, the deaths of their husbands and their own health concerns.  The smiles, the celebration, just the joy of being together was magnified, it seemed, from knowing some of the “real living” that we had each done prior to this day.

Stories were told and re-told, memories shared.  It is especially good to spend time with people you grew up with.  People who knew you even when you didn’t really know yourself.  And it is especially good to have relationships that have endured, in spite of the miles and the time and all of the living that have separated you.  Perhaps it is this season of life, but I felt that the hugs lasted just a bit longer this time.

Going home means being filled with gratitude.  Not because it was, or is, perfect.  But because it was the foundation, the beginning.  It is where I’m from.  An important part of my story – who I am today, and who I am becoming.  And I’m thankful.

It is good to go home.


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