Gardening Update

Well, in spite of this heat, we are enjoying more and more from the garden.  We have been enjoying cucumbers and green peppers and Paul dug the potatoes a few days ago.  Our few plants gave us about ten pounds or beautiful potatoes.  We are finally seeing some tomatoes on our very tall tomato plants.  In spite of my trimming efforts, they seem to be more prone to growing “plant” rather than producing fruit.  (I’m thinking there just might be application there for some areas of our lives?  Hmmm.)  And I am now beginning to offer basil and cilantro to everyone I talk with.  I’m sure they’re all glad we didn’t plant zucchini this year!

Enjoy your weekend!  If you won’t be tending a garden tomorrow, why not go to a farmers’ market and enjoy some fresh produce?


About Debbie McCool

Life Coach and Professional Organizer
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2 Responses to Gardening Update

  1. Linda says:

    Good to hear your garden is doing so well despite the weather. Have you been fertilizing your tomato? Usually they produce more leaf growth than fruit if they’ve been fertilized too much.

    • Thanks, Linda. We haven’t added any fertilizer, the only thing is compost from leaves last fall that we worked into the soil before planting. Thanks for stopping by myrooftop!

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