For your weekend

Well, it’s Friday and my week has gotten fuller with each passing day.  Gardening, new books to read, an attempt at a new knitting project (and I don’t knit!?), a new coaching class (with homework), and prayers, planning and preparation for new work at The Urban Scholastic Center in Kansas City, Kansas.  I’ll share with everyone next Monday about this new adventure.

For now, I’m just sharing some of my favorite animal photos from our time in South Africa.  Hope they bring a smile as you begin the weekend!

Rhinos at Kruger Park

We finally saw a leopard on an early morning game drive, Kruger Park

And we found a North American tree climber! Also known as Josh!

Giraffe at Madikwe

Male lion at the Rhino and Lion Park

Mama and baby, Chobe National Park


Zebra, KwaZulu Natal


One of my favorite times – riding and then feeding the elephant; Zimbabwe

The End





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