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Back to School

I have always loved the back-to-school season.  During my childhood it meant a new notebook and a fresh pack of paper and pencils, a new pair of shoes and some new clothes.  In high school it meant a new locker, … Continue reading

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For your weekend

Well, it’s Friday and my week has gotten fuller with each passing day.  Gardening, new books to read, an attempt at a new knitting project (and I don’t knit!?), a new coaching class (with homework), and prayers, planning and preparation … Continue reading

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Salad Dressings

I love this time of year – farmers’ markets, roadside stands and grocery stores are filled with local, fresh produce!  It’s easy to plan menus around the fresh harvest.  Friends came for dinner Sunday evening and brought us fresh tomatoes … Continue reading

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Why I love coaching

I am reading three books in preparation for a coaching class that begins this week.  As I have been reading I have been struck once again by how much I love the life coaching concept, or the “coach approach” to … Continue reading

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Intentional Living

My nephew, Adam, posted on his Facebook wall the other day, ” ‘Live intentionally’ Best advice I have ever received.”  Thanks, Adam, for this good reminder. And my question for you today – Are you living intentionally? Are you living … Continue reading

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Broccoli Salad

When we lived in Jackson, Michigan we shared life with our good friends, the Baileys.  John and Sharon’s boys, Mikal and Seth, were the same ages as our girls and our families were frequently together – church, weekend activities, vacations, … Continue reading

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Not over it

Sometimes it comes in huge waves, and then so do my smiles and tears.  At other times it happens when I do small daily things and a memory is triggered. I think of my sweet friend, Betty, each week when … Continue reading

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